NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles (10, Limestone Camo)

September 28, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great for HIIT Classes I have flat feet, bunions and a torn meniscus. Did I mention I’m over 50 and starting to work out again after 4 years and a desk job? My goal was to find a great shoe for my F45 classes that would provide the comfort and support I needed while getting back into shape. I found them, I won’t buy anything else for HIIT classes!! I had never heard of NoBull, but all of my research kept leading me back to them. They may not be the cutest shoes in the gym, but I’m not there for a fashion show. I’m a…

Anonymous says:

Overpriced, overrated I was excited to get these because the ads make them look super cool. But when I got them I was really disappointed that they were way too big and looked like clown shoes. Honestly, not worth the price tag. Yes, they’re grippy and have a sturdy sole and a wide toe box which is all great for lifting and lateral movement, yadda yadda yadda. But after shopping around, I found that the Adidas CrazyPower has all of that and looks WAY cooler and is more comfy and is almost half the price. All in all,…

Anonymous says:

Better Performance – Love These! I have been exercising through Les Mills on Demand. Kickboxing, cardio, and weight lifting. I felt like I needed better shoes, but a pair of shoes that allowed me to use while kickboxing and weight lifting. Les Mills makes shoes, but they haven’t had my size in awhile, I wear size 11 in women’s. I am actually glad I purchased these shoes instead. When I first received these I thought they were too stiff. I wasn’t sure I would like them….UNTIL I used them during my workouts of Body Combat and…

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