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Welcome to the Mad Max Cartel eBay Store.We specialize in only selling Yeezy footwear direct from the adidas/ distribution centers. Please scroll down to read about our “Double-Double Boxing Shipping Method” and “Rain-Proof Shipping Method.”Please Note: we do not sell anything purchased from the secondary market nor authorized retailers. Everything we sell is 100% brand-new/unworn/deadstock

Welcome to the Mad Max Cartel eBay Store.We specialize in only selling Yeezy footwear direct from the adidas/ distribution centers. Please scroll down to read about our “Double-Double Boxing Shipping Method” and “Rain-Proof Shipping Method.”Please Note: we do not sell anything purchased from the secondary market nor authorized retailers. Everything we sell is 100% brand-new/unworn/deadstock in its original box and in its original shipping box.Item DescriptionBrand: adidasItem Name: adidas Yeezy 350 V2 IsrafilColorway: ISRAFIL/ISRAFIL/ISRAFILStyle Number (PID): FZ5421Date of Release: August 22, 2020Condition: Brand New w/tags in Original Box in Original Shipping Box. Deadstock.Size: The available sizes are listed in a scroll down bar at the top of the listing.Additional Sizing Information: Please refer to Adidas’s Size Chart for Men’s Shoes for information on proper sizing and how to measure your feet to ensure that the fit is proper. Note: Yeezys release only in Men’s sizes and occasionally Full-Family Sizing is available. The sizes typically available are as follows*:Infants: 3.5K/4K/4.5K/5K/5.5K/6K/6.5K/7K/7.5K/8K/8.5K/9K/9.5K/10KKids: 10.5K/11K/11.5K/12K/12.5K/13K/13.5K/1Y/1.5Y/2Y/2.5Y/3Y/3.5YAdults: 4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/10/10.5/11/11.5/12/12.5/13/13.5/14/14.5/15/16/17*Some releases do not include the above sizes. Our ProcessAt Mad Max Cartel, when we receive Yeezys we inspect everything to make sure there are no issues, assess the condition of the actual Yeezy box, and make sure anything that was meant to be included such as extra laces are in the box. We maintain tedious records of all transactions from the order confirmation emails to the storage of the original shipping labels that were carefully removed from the original shipping box.100% authenticity is guaranteed. There should be no questions about the authenticity as we provide high-resolution photos of the sneaker using a Macro Lens on a digital camera. If you would like additional photos or have any questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will do our best to respond to you ASAP. No Returns/Refund/Exchange PolicyBecause these Yeezys are directly shipped to us and are in 100% unworn/deadstock condition we cannot offer nor accept returns, refunds and/or exchanges on the Yeeyzs nor on the shipping costs. If a customer tries on a pair of Yeezys and they do not fit, they are no longer considered unworn/deadstock. This policy is paramount to us keeping our promise to our customers that they have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding the condition of the sneakers, the history of the sneakers, and the condition of the box as we ensure that everything is as if you received the Yeezys directly from adidas/ avoid a situation where a customer may not like the look of the Yeezys, the fit of the Yeezys, or any possible issue, we HIGHLY suggest watching YouTube video reviews of them and do as much research as possible. Carefully measuring your feet and using the adidas sizing chart and researching how each type of Yeezy fits (some fit differently than others) should make it possible for you to pick the right size. If you have access to a friend’s pair of Yeezys, or a local store, or even a pair of adidas sneakers that are close to Yeezys, that should help avoid any issues. Typically, you can find threads on where Yeezy owners discuss how different models fit compared to others. If you are not satisfied with your purchased pair of Yeezys I would suggest selling them locally or on a sneaker-selling platform (such as eBay) to regain your expenditure as these will not be difficult to find a buyer.Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Order CancelationsMad Max Cartel holds the right to cancel/decline any order placed through our eBay store. Although rare, this may occur due to suspicious buyer profiles, low and/or negative feedback, and other high-risk variables that may be present. Shipping InformationWe only ship via USPS Priority Mail (Average 2-3-day delivery) to the eBay authenticator locations. Tracking information will be sent with receipt. The address that is provided to eBay/PayPal at checkout is the only address that we will ship to. There can not be any changes to the address after you have checked out so please double-check your shipping information. We ship Monday-Saturday within 24-hours of payment. If you make a purchase on a Sunday and/or a holiday, we will ship the next business day.During holiday/peak seasons and/or due to the current environment, please be advised that the processing and shipping of your order may be delayed. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the speeds of the delivery nor the estimated times of the delivery. The Mad Max Cartel Double-Double-Boxing Shipping MethodWe separate ourselves from the rest by always DOUBLE-DOUBLE-BOXING the actual original shipping box your Yeezys came in.*You read that correctly: We ensure the integrity of your Yeezys box condition by keeping the actual Yeezys box in its original shipping box, which is then placed in a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard box that is 40% stronger than standard shipping boxes. In addition, we provide packaging materials/padding to prevent any bumps and bruises on its way. We like to recycle packaging materials to please pardon our re-use of packing materials from other online stores. We encourage the reuse and recycling of materials and hope that you recycle the materials after receiving your Yeezys.We have found that the boxes that adidas/ ship in does not provide nearly enough protection to the actual Yeezy box it contains. We have opened thousands of boxes and understand that the original box may arrive damaged, so we are doing our best to prevent that from happening to you. Therefore, we have ensured that your Yeezys will arrive in the exact condition they were in when they left the Mad Max Cartel shipping department.We guarantee that all the actual Yeezy boxes are in excellent to very good condition. This may or may not include slight creases, and very minor imperfections.Any boxes that are damaged to the point of decreased value will be sold in separate listings and noted as a defective/damaged item due to the box condition.We are padding the original shipping box within another box to help ensure that the authentication process goes smoothly.Selling with confidence is important when it comes to Yeezys and we are very focused on our customers buying from us with confidence. To pass authentication under eBay, the buyer must assume all responsibility if there are any factory flaws, defects, or imperfections on the sneakers. The buyer must also assume all responsibility if there is any damage to the actual sneaker box in any way shape or form. The way we at Mad Max Cartel prevent this issue from occurring is by going the extra mile for you by thoroughly checking that every pair of Yeezys are not flawed, nor contain defects or imperfections and that every Yeezy box is not damaged to the point that it does not pass authentication and/or be of decreased value.As a result of the Mad Max Cartel “Double-Double Boxing Shipping Method” we are confident that no issues will arise concerning damage while shipping and the authentication process. Mad Max Cartel guarantees that all Yeezys we sell are brand-new/unworn/deadstock in its original box and in its original shipping box.*At the adidas/ distribution center they sometimes send out the Yeezys in boxes meant for double orders or overly large boxes and in this case we will have to ship your pair in a box from the same distribution center that fits better and makes it easier to protect your box. We are not a fan of this but we do not have much of a choice. Try to picture a shipping box meant for 2 boxes of Yeezys with your 1 box of Yeezys sliding around during shipping. Regardless, we guarantee that if your pair was sent in a gigantic box, it will be placed into a box from the same distribution center. The Mad Max Cartel “Rain-Proof Shipping Method”At Mad Max Cartel we are familiar with coming home only to find your pair of delivered Yeezys left out in the rain by your lazy/careless delivery person. We know the feeling of dropping to your knees screaming no and shaking your fists at the sky, as the rain comes down and you pick up your drenched box with water dripping off of it and therefore lowering the value of your Yeezys as their actual box is now ruined. Now you can let us help you fight back against this savage act by adding another layer of protection!Even if you never plan on selling your Yeezys, it is always nice to have the original box in good condition so just in case you are particular about the condition of your box (like we are), we have your back! To prevent these weather-related incidents from happening, we have decided to start placing the actual box of Yeezys in a plastic bag with a twist tie at the end. It will arrive this way when it gets to the authenticator with a post-it note to please put the box of Yeezys back in the plastic bag with the twist tie after authentication. Hopefully the extra steps we take at Mad Max Cartel help you relax if you are stuck somewhere and the weather has you concerned about coming home to a drenched box! We aim to make everyone happy and keep all Yeezys dry (since they already have that drip to them). FeedbackPlease leave us feedback and let us know how we are doing! We will be sure to do the same. Thank you in advance. StopFakes.GovAt Mad Max Cartel we understand that there are counterfeit Yeezys being peddled and we stand firmly against anything related to the use, purchase and/or sale of said counterfeit goods. These transactions are a Federal crime and should be taken very seriously. If you ever purchase questionable items, make sure to report counterfeiters at StopFakes.Gov.


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